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Ever wondered whether there could be more to the phrase lighten up', or why you're happier when the sun is shining? It's because we are light-sensitive beings. Light keeps US buoyant, and we literally feel lighter and more full of sparkle when we expose ourselves to light and the full-colour spectrum. Sunlight triggers proper melatonin secretion which, in turn, increases energy and productiveness and helps keep the body working in balance. Light is not only the most important nutrient for plant growth; people are nourished by it on many levels, too. In fact, exposure to certain colours produces a noticeable and qualitative difference in our mood and outlook.

Both the intensity and the colour of light can change how you feel in an instant. Strong sunlight promotes serotonin, the happy neurotransmitter, which is one of the main reasons why people get depressed in the winter, when there is less light. The white light of sunlight is made from a mixture of wavelengths, or colours, ranging from red to violet. Intense light, especially red light, increases levels of adrenal hormones. Red light tends to increase blood pressure, tension and anxiety, while blue light has the opposite effect.

This is also why people often feel less at ease after a day working in an environment with artificial lighting. Most artificial lighting has very little blue and a lot of yellow and red wavelengths in it, in contrast to sunlight, which is much bluer.