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Blogging Tools

August 2nd, 2005

Remember when WordPress and MovableType had a limited feature set that essentially made them easier to use? Now it seems they are not sure if they wish to be used solely for blogging or for becoming a full-fledged CMS. This is the one thing I worry about competition and how it can make simple products difficult.

You would like to think that a simple, beautiful design that does it’s job should be the only deciding factor in who uses a product, but if WordPress has a feature that MT doesn’t have you are sure to move some people from MT to WordPress.

In contrast, Apple’s iPod hasn’t added any new features besides the ability to view photos and color so what makes it so different than other industries where products with the most features win?

I think the market is ripe still for another well-designed and easy to use blogging tool. One that focuses solely on putting words to a page. Something so simple it could only serve one purpose and that is to blog.