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Looking For Beautiful Minimalist Sites

I am in search of sites that use minimalism for their designs, but still have a sense of aesthetics attach to them. The Google homepage is minimalist design, but it is not pretty. I don’t know what we should qualify as minimalist design so maybe it’s best if you could help me with your definition in the comments section.

If you know of any beautiful, minimalist sites out there please let me know. They can be done in CSS, tables, or Flash as long as they are usable.

What I have so far:

  • Dirk Hesse (currently designing two sites for me)
  • Garrett Dimon
  • Eris Free
  • Daring Fireball

25 Responses to “Looking For Beautiful Minimalist Sites”

  1. Michael Nguyen Says:

    I’m not a designer but I’ve been following your design sites for a while. I tried to stick with a minimalist design on my blog ( and hopefully make the experience of visiting my site a pleasant one.

  2. Jeff Says:

    I am not a designer either, which means that minimilist is really the only way I can go. My personal site I certainly feel follows minimilist design. Although beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, I think it’s ok on the eyes…

  3. Ken Soliva Says:

    Two sites that immediately come to mind when the discussion turns to successful use of minimalism in design are Newsmap and Zipdecode. Simply elegant, to say the least.

  4. Lori Says:

    Hi Scrivs! Long time reader, but always quiet gal here. I would like to think that my site meets ‘minimal’ yet ‘aesthetic’. When I designed the new interface last month, I really did not want much for “bells and whistles”. I just like white, and wanted to still say “zenful”. I shall let you (and others) be the judge

    Zenful Creations

  5. Jeff Says:

    Hi Lori,

    Just a reminder to set the background-color for your body tag to white as well…

  6. Joshua Says:

    A few beautiful, minimal sites… D. Keith Robinson’s new site and an Austrailian architecture firm

    For the recent Reboot, I went experimental and minimal on my own site

    For what it’s worth, I think the old CSS Vault and the new 9rules are both good examples of minimal design… so you may very well be apart of what you are looking for.


  7. Mark Says:

    It uses spacer gifs, tables and all that riff-raff, but one of my all-time favorite minimalist sites, with what I think is a brilliant navigation style is -

    Speared Peanut, a design agency out of Houston, TX.

  8. Lori Says:

    Thanks Jeff - it’s the little things that slip our mind isn’t it

  9. James Archer Says:

    How about this one?

    Jeff Werner

  10. Scrivs Says:

    Thanks for the sites so far everyone. Keep em coming!

  11. Ryan Says:

    I’m pretty minimal…

  12. Jeremy Flint Says:

  13. Magic Bean Dip Says:

    I like

  14. Ryan Latham Says:

    I actually just got this one as a submission on umatched style today, I think it fits the bill:

  15. James Says:

    When you’re going as minimalist as the 4 listed in your post, I think it’s gone so far that it’s kinda hard to call them ‘beautiful’.

  16. Scrivs Says:

    Why is it hard? Personal preference?

  17. Lori Says:


  18. Greg Says:

    Hey Scrivs,

    Dunno if you’d consider my site minimalist but I do (well, sort of):

  19. Joshua Says:

    Greg, I guess I would consider your site “obviously inspired” by smallTransport and The Big Noob. Not necessarily “minimalist.” But that’s just me…

  20. Shawn Says:

    I don’t believe I saw Hivelogic listed, so here:

  21. D Says:

    I second Hivelogic, but also this.

  22. Allen Says:

    I’m glad to have found this page. I have had the hardest time finding minimalistic inspiration on the web. It seems there is more print work being done in this style than web. It is quite subjective, but I think everyone would agree that there is a difference between simple and simplistic. Simple can be (and often is) inspired, while simplistic is that and nothing more.
    I wonder if anyone has any suggestions on corporate work done with inspired minimalism. For many of us working designers, its unusual to find a good corporate site with inspired simplicity. I have a few humble suggestions: (of course) (not exactly corporate, but nice)

  23. Šime Says:

  24. Timur Says:

  25. Matthew Reed Says:

    my very own site. i will be rewritting the html for a tableless design (and css if need be) soon. once my hosting plan runs out, i will be buying a new domain and moving to a new host, media temple, which seems to host mainly minimaliist/modern sites.

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