The Guild of Accessible Web Designers will promote a vision of the future that assumes accessible web design to be relevant, obtainable, and not at odds with successful business practice, or good visual and usable design.

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Guild of Accessible Web Designers: open for business

Sunday 30 Nov 2003

If you have a weblog or news site, please mention that the Guild of Accessible Web Designers is now inviting new members. We are 'open for business', and we need as many enthusiastic, members as possible. Consider this as our 'soft launch', a milestone on the way to our official launch date early in 2004.

The Guild of Accessible Web Designers is a worldwide organization of web designers and developers committed to helping each other, and promoting the message that accessible web design is 'good for business'.

The most powerful element in (X)HTML?

Thursday 23 Oct 2003

One of the very foundations of the web in general is that it allows us to create links between different resources. Further -- we need to do so in a meaningful and accessible way. Many developers are favouring semantic markup over presentational markup. Witness the two articles released at A List Apart (and caveats when using those techniques) for styling proper headings (n>) with stylesheets (see Facts and Opinion About Fahrner Image Replacement), and using unordered lists coupled with stylesheets for navigation (see Sliding Doors of CSS). Caveats and implementation problems aside, these techniques, specific articles and the fact that developers and others are willing and able to engage in discussion about the issues are testament to the fact that many developers do care about standards and accessibility.

The unsung hero of (X)HTML, and, in our opinion, perhaps the most underutilized element is the element. It confers meaning and establishes relationships between resources -- exactly what we need to make our lives easier, as we strive towards a more meaningful, accessible web.