pMachine Store is an exclusive club

February 24, 2004 | View Comments (23) | too hard

Why you should wait to ask for information from your user when you want them to purchase from your site. ag-guys.com

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We are learning

February 23, 2004 | View Comments (41) | simpl(e)y thinking

Scrivs decided to post an entry today that screams at us basically. We think we have the aesthetically pleasing site so that should be enough to drive people to us right? Wrong. We lack the content that people lust after....

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February 13, 2004 | View Comments (18) | simpl(e)y thinking

Do not ask Tog if you need some help.

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Late Again

February 06, 2004 | View Comments (41) | simpl(e)y done

We have been busily finishing up with some client work, while also entering the beginning stages for new client work. The end result is that we have neglected elementary and were unable to do a site for the 26 in...

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