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Writing content for the web is a fine art. Too many sites today write useless information simply because their marketing department wants a direct transition from their brochures to the web. They do not realize that the difference between these two mediums is that a brochure can be held and taken anywhere to be read at any time. On the web, very rarely are you given the chance to put your website in the users "backpocket" so that they may look at it later. ag-guys.com

Many people are concerned about getting all the good information "above the fold", which is another problem that comes with corporate design. Every department says they need their information in front of the users. Nobody likes information overload and in fact wouldn't it be better to have users explore your site after they get the idea of what it entails from some clean, concise writing?

Besides too many words on a site, another problem occurs when the words that are used are just too vague or lead the user to think way more than is needed. Take these two sentences for example:

You can contact us here.
You can contact us at [email protected].

We only added the word "at" and changed the wording of the link. Makes a world of difference. With the first example the user has to think "what is here?" and what happens when I click on the link. Is it an email adddress or a form? It's our own example and we don't even know.

There are some great resources on the web and in your local bookstore that talk about quality writing. The most recent article that we have come across was written by Andy Budd and titled The Importance of Good Copy. If you have not done so already do yourself a favor and spend a couple of minutes on a quality read.

We have an article coming out in the not-so-distant future that elaborates on the topic, but for now we think we should keep things short, since that is what we suggested in the first place.

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