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Do It Now Chart

A work in progress.

2 Responses to “Do It Now Chart”

  1. deus62 Says:

    If you added an extra loop at the bottom (”Are you sure”) and an escape arrow from the bottom back to the top (can you do it now?), you would be very close to finally linking Freudian theory to the life of a typical web designer.

  2. Carl Youngblood Says:

    There are huge limitations to this flow chart. Many things are urgent but not important and many things are important but not urgent. Responding to email, for example, is often urgent (or at least the person at the other end usually expects a response within a day or so) but it is not (in the grand scheme of things) very important. Raising one’s children well, or spending time with one’s family or spouse, for example, is extremely important, but not urgent.