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Apple iMac

The iMac is the kind of product you look at and figure it can’t possibly have any real use because of the simplicity of it’s design. On the contrary, the iMac is a computer which holds quite a bit of computing power and does almost everything that a regular desktop PC can do.

How easy is it so carry around the iMac, a mouse and a keyboard? Just the thought makes me wish they carried a 30″ version so that I could avoid the headache of lugging around my desktop tower everytime I need to move it.

But what benefits does Apple get from using such a simple and clean design?

Year-over-year unit sales of the iMac line, which includes the eMac and new Mac mini desktops, rose 115 percent, and iBook laptops saw a 25 percent unit-sales increase. For higher-end models, the PowerBook notebook line had a 34 percent unit-sales gain, but the Power Mac lineup–including the Xserve product family–saw a 19 percent unit-sales decrease.

No doubt the Mac mini played a huge role in boosting that figure up, but you can see how effective a quality design can be. Granted there are other variables (ie iPod) that also contribute to the rise of Apple, but there simple, unintimidating have to play some role in their success.

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  1. Nolan Eakins Says:

    Your comment about a 30″ iMac made me think. That would be a boom for advertising firms. Just throw those up on walls in malls and everywhere else. Add a touch screen and you have a glorious kiosk.

    A huge iMac would even be great in the living room. Ok, they’ll need to be 50 inches, but that would still be damn sexy.

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